Circus Sands
morning post Pandora
kink positions training for Yvette Costeau
newspaper spanking Jane
sponge contest petgirls Evey Kristal and Marlin
Yvette Costeau give boots a shine
Boundcon VIII report: Tatoo
jump rope Yvette Costeau and Lena (part 2)
ponygirls Monica Haze and Kasha
feeding petgirls Evey and Lilly
doggirls Yvette Costeau and Lena
stomach muscles training petgirl Marlin
ponygirls Evey and Lilly
russian roulette
German lesson for petgirl Pandora Blake (part 2)
Circus Sands
Our Petgirl Yvette Costeau visit the Loge Cologne dungeon
petgirl Yvette Costeau juggling
ponygirls Gundula and Marlin
duck race petgirls Jenna Jane and Yvette Costeau
training Niki Flynn
ponygirls Marlin and Kasha (part 1)
new petgirl Lottie
petgirl Evey abuse Directors toys
russian roulette
newspaper spanking Jane
crap fire Evey and Lilly
Naughty Queenie
K9 training petgirl Marlin
juggling petgirls Jane and Kasha
sponge contest petgirls Evey Kristal and Marlin
German lesson for petgirl Pandora Blake (part 2)

The SM-Circus is a show featuring very special attractions. Of course nowadays, in our politically correct society, animals are no longer tamed to amuse the esteemed public. Instead, the animals are all pet-girls. They perform the most amazing feats at the command of the strict trainer. Unfortunately, they do not behave as skillfully as their animal counterparts. There is always the need for some dressage realized with due severity!

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